Monday, July 9th - Erin Doherty

posted Jul 11, 2012, 8:23 AM by David Sincock   [ updated Jul 11, 2012, 8:23 AM ]
Erin Doherty reporting for blogging duty!

    Nothing like a six hour drive in a coach bus. Although we have been driving for a
while, I can always count on these crazy hooligans to keep things interesting. So far
we have colored pretty pictures in Strawberry Shortcake coloring books and answered
questionnaires Deanna made from old MySpace accounts. To go along with what Peter
and Phillis said, yes, Jake is still alive. Although he just admitted he can’t read, so
we’ll see how long this lucky streak goes on for.

    As I think about what could go on in Alaska, I keep getting more and more
excited. I know something huge is going to happen. Things have been hard, trials and
tests have been given, but just the fact we are on this bus right now proves that God
is good and there’s nothing Satan can do about it.

    There’s not too much to report right at this moment in time. We appreciate
your prayers and good vibes. So please keep them coming!

    Also, I am incredibly excited to say that we will be flying over CANADA is just a
few hours!

Stay tuned for further updates!
-Erin “E-Rin” Doherty