Jake Possing - Saturday July 14

posted Jul 14, 2012, 7:30 PM by David Sincock

Today me and Aaron got to act in the campers rodeo. We had so much fun. I was the hero and saved the day three time and left the bad guy. After that we had lunch. Lunch is the best meal of the day. We always have so much fun. After lunch we went on the glacier and ran around on this really bouncy dirt that sunk if you stood on it too long. Then we ran around more by some water the water was super cold. We had glacier licking contests and we had to drink off the drips from the mountain. We took a lot of pictures and had a lot of fun. Now I am at dinner just had pork chops and about to go fishing. The week was awesome so far and hope it keeps up. Signing off from the dinner table.


          -Jake Possing