Courtney Ebinal - Thursday, July 12th

posted Jul 13, 2012, 2:43 PM by David Sincock

          So we’re in Alaska, but I guess you figured that out already. Yesterday I spent the day painting. The incredible thing isn’t the work, the people or even the scenery. It’s how close we feel to God here. I think we were all expecting a crazy experience and a “spiritual high”. It hasn’t been that way at all, it’s been so much better. I think that God is working quietly in our lives. All I can say is last night when we were up on the mountain, higher than the clouds, I felt so close to God. When you look at the mountains, you start thinking “wow, God made all this and He didn’t just stop. He made us and loves us so much more, even with all the times we mess up and make mistakes.”. It makes me think of the song “More” by Matthew West. When you look at the mountains, you feel His glory, power, and majesty in one moment and it blows your mind. When I look back on my life, this is what I want to remember.

          The relationships we have been building this week are incredible. The combination of craziness and serious, heart to heart talks have made this week unforgettable. Many quotes will be used forever (“that tree was definetly hit by thunder”).Some of the things we have found out about each other haven’t been the best, sometimes things cut you to the core. I think that even the hardest things have influenced us in unthinkable ways to become better, stronger people. We’ve learned things about each other that we never could have back in Wisconsin, some good, some bad.

          Caution: parents do not read beyond this point. Last night we went on a hike to a fossil bed. I’m pretty sure each of us nearly died at least twenty-seven times. The new thing is screaming “YOLO” before launching yourself over a boulder or something. We never did find that fossil bed..

          Courtney Ebinal.