Tuesday July 10

Here is a slideshow of our first day of work at Victory Bible Camp!

Liz Inloes - Tuesday, July 10th

posted Jul 11, 2012, 11:27 AM by David Sincock

This is Liz reporting from Victory Peak. Well not really, but I’m sitting at breakfast looking at it. On our first day we camp to the camp around 3 am and then got four hours of sleep. We were assigned our work groups for the week and I was assigned to “grounds work”. I got to pick weeds with Taylor, James, Bryce and Davena  and then we ate lunch. The food here is really good! After lunch the rain held up and we started mowing lawns. We were shown around in a truck to all of the places we need to mow. We have to mow the majority of the grass on this 480 acre camp. That’s a lot of grass! We got partially done, but because there is 6 inch high clover covering 50 percent of one of the fields it takes 2 people to cut it down to the proper length. We then had dinner and then left for a “river buggy” and it was quite interesting riding in a van that has no seats, no handles, and mud covering the floor. That van got stuck while we were at the river so on the way back James, two of the three Joshs, Samantha, Jake, Amy, Aaron, and some others had to ride on the edges of a pickup bed. One of the scariest things of my life besides losing my dignity on the plane when a guy opened the door to the bathroom  while I was in it. We got back and had some interesting experiences and then went to bed. It’s a lot of fun here and thanks to anyone who has helped any of us get here!


-Elizabeth Inloes

Ben Koetz - Tuesday, July 10th

posted Jul 11, 2012, 11:23 AM by David Sincock

My first day in Alaska

The camp is amazing!  the mountains surrounding the camp are beautiful.  My first morning we had pancakes and bacon.  They were chocolate chip which are my favorite!  Afterwards we were assigned the work we would be doing for the week.  I got the job of lumberjacking/trail making. It is such a fun job, we can walk through the woods for work and see the mountains up close.  For lunch we had soup and homemade bread. The bread was probably the best I have ever had!  In the evening we went on a “river bug” that we rode to a large river that we walked along  the edge of. we found a carcass of a moose and another animal that was next to it.  I was able to see many moose walking along through the camp which was really cool.  We went to chapel then afterword we went right to bed because we were all so tired.

Ben Koetz

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