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Ryan & Rachel Cote

Ryan & Rachel Coté :: Victory Bible Camp, AK, USA

Victory Bible Camp, 64741 S Victory Rd., Sutton, AK 99674


Ryan and Rachel Coté and their four children have worked four years for Victory Ministries of Alaska, where Ryan has started and heads up a ministry called Inreach. Inreach utilizes the extra resources (finances, people, skills, work teams, etc.) that Victory Ministries has available and uses those resources to help other already established ministries in Alaska such as tribal missionaries and other Bible camps. He organizes work teams and then takes them out to these locations to be a blessing to other ministries in Alaska, showing God's love and helping them to further their ministry. In addition to being a medic for the First Response Ambulance Crew, Rachel runs, orders for, and directs the gift/espresso shop, where the kids use their "tuck" money and which is a great place to minister to conference groups during the winter months. Both Ryan and Rachel are involved in leading worship in the local church, where Ryan also teaches Sunday school at times. 

Children: Naomi (11), Natalie (9), Isabella (8), and Jeremiah (6).

Overarching Prayer Needs:

  • God's continued provision of financial resources. 
  • That the Lord would raise up counselors (especially male) to fill the counselor positions for this coming summer camp season. 
  • The hearts of the children that will be experiencing the love of God this summer.