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Andy Koetz

Andy Koetz entered Wheaton College with a desire to work in a nonprofit, using business to transform people's lives. At school, he was introduced to the HNGR program, which developed his desires in practical ways. Starting this June, Andy will be involved with a six-month HNGR internship, where he will be working in a rural development program known as Pueblos en Acción Comunitaria. This Christian organization effectively deals with the problem of rural poverty by giving individual farmers a means to sell their goods for a fair price, often meeting some of the stringent requirements of organic or fair trade certification. Personally, Andy will have the opportunity to work with the cacao farmers as they attempt to reach fair trade certification.

Dates of travel: June-December 2014

Financial needs: none

Prayer needs: (See HNGR covenant)

  • Workable and improving language skills.
  • Ability to humbly and effectively engage the people with whom the team comes in contact.
  • Solid host family situation.