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Jon & Marilyn Rust

Jon & Marilyn Rust :: Samora, Portugal


Rua José Rato, 19 - 3 Dto, 2135-291 Samora Correia, Portugal


Jon and Marilyn Rust serve among four teams of existing churches working together to start new churches in their area circling Lisbon. In addition to their responsibilities with the English language school and Portugal Field Council leadership, the Rusts have been a crucial part of the building project in Samora.  

Overarching prayer needs:

  • For the Samora church building project financial needs to come through. Having an adequate building for meeting has proven over time to be important for the development of long-standing congregations in Portugal. 
  • That current ministries would be effective in drawing people to the Lord.
  • For a strong team with people dedicated to mastering the language and culture for the advancement of the Gospel.