posted Nov 8, 2013, 9:35 AM by David Sincock
Caution is a good thing. Normally.

It grows on us. As time goes by we think before we leap much more often. Partly because we have leapt a few times and realized the price we pay for our recklessness.

We live more safely. Tentative at times. Gone are the rash days of youth. “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead” has been replaced with “Is there caffeine in that?”

We live better because of caution. Fewer pains. Easier paths. Less risk.

And then again, not.

Caution shuts us down. It always sees the negative. Caution says no. Caution is fear. Caution can make us miss things that perhaps we should have reveled in.

Caution is not always the better.

Caution would not have built an Ark. It would not have asked out that cute girl. It might not have gone so far away for college. Caution would not have challenged Jezebel. It always orders plain vanilla. It avoids the hard conversation.

Caution never steps out to battle Goliath.

Caution never leaves safety behind to do and become something GREAT for God.

Maybe we still need some rash and reckless.