Everyone is Home

posted Aug 2, 2013, 12:49 PM by David Sincock

My Father always desired that when his grown children and their families came home that they be there at the same time.

I never understood it back then.  Now I do.

There is something special about having the family all together at one time. I now understand that not only do I love my kids as individuals, I love what they are with each other. I love to see their interaction, their humor, their care, their love toward each other. They are so much more fully themselves when they are living as family. We are family when apart, but together they are so much more alive and vibrant and complete.

I have to be honest. I have some of the same feelings toward our family here at Fellowship. I know we love and care for each other and all belong to our Heavenly Father, but when we are together… It just seems better.

So this week we are returning to a single worship service schedule. We will lose some of the conveniences. Some of will miss worshiping while we serve each other. But what we gain will be so much more valuable.

Lets get crowded. Lets bring in new family and in-laws. We will laugh and cry. We will help and care for one another. Conversations will blossom  Family life will thrive. We will become the complete Family that God would have his kids be.

I look forward to seeing YOU ALL Sunday at 10:00