Finding the Unseen

posted Apr 12, 2013, 10:07 AM by David Sincock   [ updated Apr 12, 2013, 10:09 AM ]
Shopping for me begins with a question. “Hon, where do I go to get…?” Then I fill in the need. Clothes. Gifts. Shoes. See, I am not a shopper. When I go to the mall I still resemble my ten year old self fresh off the farm taking the annual trip to Dubuque for school clothes; gaping at the fancy things in the stores. I had never seen such wonders or people.

But then there is Home Depot. Aah yes, the land of tools and building supplies. When I walk in there I should have my own orange apron and the title ‘professional shopper’ emblazoned for all to see. When one of their fine customer service people ask me if they can help, I simply turn and look at them and they can see in my eyes that I am the Chuck Norris of Home Depot shoppers. They quietly walk away.

Or so I thought until last week. As I spoke with a friend, he mentioned needing to purchase boxes. Then he said the words ‘Home Depot.’ I asked if he meant to pick up boxes they discard. He said, “No, they have a whole aisle of boxes they sell. And cheap.”

I reeled. The blood drained from my face. Shooting pains went up my left arm. The words ‘I’m comin’ Elizabeth’ entered my mind. How could this be true? I had never noticed boxes being sold at HD in all my trips there.

Two days later I stopped in to do box reconnaissance. There they were. Big as life. Out in the open. Visible to everyone walking by. How did I miss them all this time?

The answer is fairly simple and very insightful. I have never needed boxes. I have never looked for them. I have glanced past them unaware even though they were prominently displayed.

This same type of experience happens to us with God. We may even consider ourselves professional grade God followers. For years and even decades we have worshipped, studied, discussed, and examined the content of the truth about God and his love for us. We know our knowledge is not exhaustive but at least we feel we have the table of contents understood. We think we know all God has for us when we need to look for it.

But things like marriage, work, success, failure, parenting, hurts, joys, and relationships have a way of causing us to need things we have never previously needed. Sometimes we despair because we assume that God does not have any help for us in this situation.

Then we hear about the boxes. All along God has been displaying the help we need but we have missed it. We had never needed it. We didn't notice this direction, love, and grace. Now it is right in front of us and so obvious. It was there all along.

The lesson is that God “has granted to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of him… by which he has granted to us his precious and very great promises.” God has the help you need in your circumstance. His answer is right there for you to grasp. It may simply be that you need to search his Word with fresh eyes for what he has in store to meet your need.