posted Mar 31, 2013, 4:45 AM by David Sincock

“He is Risen!”

Words that must have rung incomprehensible when they were first spoken. No one rises from the dead. It must be a mistake. It is over. Done. No good will come from holding on to a dream destroyed.

Mary is so convincing. The black bleakness cracks. Could the impossible be possible? Doubtful. This has never happened before. But maybe. Just maybe Jesus really is more than natural. The dying embers of faith glow as two men must examine this claim for themselves. They run. Hope will do that.

The tomb is empty. There can be many explanations for that. Possibility, even though unlikely, turns from ember to flicker. He believed. He did not understand.

Mary waits. She weeps. She hears her name and knows.

          He is Risen;


Hope blazes. Light explodes. Dreams awaken. Promises animate.  

And now today…

Pieces of our lives are broken. It is over. Done. No good comes from holding on to plans destroyed. Bury them.

But Easter speaks of hope. Sunrise in the gloom. A flame of faith in the midst of cold, wet, and wind. Our condition may very well be beyond any realistic expectation. The resurrection proves that God is not held to reality. He is beyond our reality.

          He is your risen Savior