India Trip Update - Sept. 30, 2013

posted Oct 4, 2013, 2:48 PM by Adam Olson   [ updated Oct 4, 2013, 2:55 PM ]
Penny and I flew out of Chicago at 2:00pm on Monday, 9/30. We then flew from Newark, NJ at 8:30pm for the 14 hour flight and arrived in Delhi at 10:30am on Tuesday 10/01, which is 8:30pm India. India is 10½ hours ahead of Racine. 

The first thing we see after getting off the plane is a Harley Davidson motorcycle and display (Just like home). Tuesday night we stayed in Delhi at a hotel.

Wednesday morning we flew East from Dehli to Imphal. The Dehli airport is less than two years old and very nice. The food court offered KFC, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, a Starbucks knockoff and other very familiar eating places.

We arrived at Imphal at 11:30am and were picked up by the Assoc. Pastor and a gentleman called “Ha Ha” because of his laughter. And true to his name, he would break out into loud and prolonged laughter for no apparent reason. I liked him immediately!

The 45 mile ride South to Churachandpur took 2 hours. Ha Ha drove. Oh wow! Ryan Belton would have lost his lunch out the window of the Suburu in about 15 minutes. The two lane road at times held bicycles, cows, motorcycles, trucks, dogs, cars, and people. The general rule seems to be that ‘if you can fit you can pass’. If you force the other person onto the side of the road, not a big issue. The washboard pavement constantly kept you lifted off your seat. The most important part of the vehicle is the horn which is being blown about 40% of the time. Penny will never complain about my driving in Chicago ever again!!!

We arrived to Churachandpur in time to get settled in the afternoon and then have supper. It is completely dark here by 5:30pm so the morning activities seem to begin early.

The ministry here is best described as compound or campus life. On this side of the road in a city block sized area is the original ministry offices bldg. the church which also houses College classrooms in the basement, Brother Stephen’s home, (which is partially completed and occupied while more construction continues) . Also in this block, the central square houses a well and then the college boys housing.

Across the street is another campus which houses the k-10th school, the orphanage homes for boys and girls, the college girls dorm and a football (soccer) field.

This weekend is the 50th anniversary of the work here in this area. It is of much greater importance to them than I realized when I agreed to come. I am very concerned that I am able to fulfill their expectations.

I am told that Saturday will begin with the killing and butchering of two bovine animals. I am not sure from the descriptions I have received if they are buffalo, cows, or oxen. All I know is that they will have horns. Also I understand that there are a couple pigs to be butchered as well. Then these animals will be cooked outside all day for the celebration banquet that evening.

Pastor David