posted Jun 7, 2013, 3:06 PM by David Sincock   [ updated Jun 7, 2013, 3:28 PM ]

The technology of a current day automobile is astounding. The materials, the design work, the science, the craftsmanship, and the production know-how are a vast, almost unlimited accumulation of information.

And yet to drive one of these marvels of machinery is relatively simple. You do not need to know the metal alloys or the physics of the friction of brake pads or even the basic principle of internal combustion.

It really boils down to the pedals. This one makes you go faster. This one makes you stop. OK, so it is a little bit more complicated than that but not much. (We see teenage girls accomplishing this feat everyday while texting and checking their makeup.)

My point is that while there is significant engineering involved in making an automobile, what is needed to successfully operate that vehicle is a mastery of key skills and knowledge.

The theology of following Christ is much more astounding than automobiles. The attributes of God, the vastness of his creation, the depth of our sin, and the height of his grace are each infinite topics worthy of a lifetime of study. They can be overwhelming.

And yet successfully following Jesus needs to be something that we can master and carry with us every day as effectively as driving a car. So God has given us pedals.

There are essential truths that help us guide our lives. These are verses of Scripture that we easily memorize and learn how to use. We use them to guide the direction, purpose, and values of our lives. We may not understand all the technical data involved, but they work. They are the controls, the pedals for our lives.

But these principles become commonplace with time and they lose the value they should hold with us. We often learn them as children and never fully grasp them in their adult version.

This Summer we will be examining some of these common and basic truths we need full knowledge of and skill in using. We will increase our knowledge and sharpen our skills and get behind the wheel and travel the road ahead better than ever before.