Peeking Behind the Curtain

posted Feb 7, 2014, 12:41 PM by David Sincock

In 1939 Dorothy and her friends stood in the hall of the Great Wizard of Oz. The smoke billowed, the lighting flashed, the sound thundered, and the Great Oz appeared in the middle of it all. Lion stood cowering, Tin Man quivered and rattled while Scrarecrow shed his straw.

After traveling many miles and encountering severe difficulties they had finally reached their goal. They had accomplished their task of dispensing with the Wicked Witch. Yet this moment was the greatest fear they had experienced. No one really knew what to expect when they reach the Wizard.

Then in the midst of the audience Toto sneaks away from the group to investigate. He looks behind the curtain. Then he pulls back the curtain and reveals what is on the other side. And everything changes. The Truth of Oz is revealed.

This life is our Yellow Brick Road. Our Wicked Witch is no fantasy but rather a very real Devil. The task we are given is to live lives of holiness, love, and obedience. The promise we have been given is Eternity.

Yet Eternity seems to be the most terrifying step of the entire journey. Eternity is inevitable for all of us. It is the ultimate goal of our lives and it remains mysterious and daunting. The uncertainty and unknown of Eternity is fearful and dreadful.

But the curtain has been pulled back. God has revealed to us extensive knowledge about what Eternity is, how we will live, and what to expect. And this changes everything. Most remarkably, knowing the future of Eternity not only changes Eternity, it changes how we live today.