September 23 - "Looking Back, Looking Forward"

posted Jan 3, 2013, 11:42 AM by Andy Koetz

Looking back is easy while looking forward seems impossible.

A person doesn't need to live very long before we can look into the past and see how the choices we have made have affected us. That kiss we stole from the cute little girl when we were in kindergarten soon taught us that girls can slap hard and that you can find yourself coldshouldered by every girl until the year is over.

As we look into the past we automatically link the connection between choices, the results of those choices, and what we have become.

Now everyone acknowledges that looking into the future is impossible. In college the opportunity to again steal a kiss from that cute little girl in Biology 103 may turn out like Kindergarten revisited, OR it may be your future Mrs.

But this is what is most interesting. Looking forward we do not link and connect that the choices we make today are key to what we will become in the future. That link we can be sure of.

Today’s message gives us the principle that we make our choices then our choices make us. Our tendency is to look back and feel regret or satisfaction at what we have become because of our choices. That is all well and good, but is relatively useless.

Rather, we should be judging our current day choices thinking how they will link to tomorrow. What will we become tomorrow because of the choices we are making today?