Sunday December 16 - "Pitching Rotation"

posted Jan 3, 2013, 11:45 AM by Andy Koetz

He can throw the ball 100 miles per hour and hit a target the size of an orange from 60 feet away and do it 120 times in a row. If he slows down, misses the target, or loses focus for just a moment the consequences are disastrous. How can he do that? How does he perform with that level of intensity and focus on every pitch?

A better question though is about the intensity and focus of our lives and our performances. When we think of living life with the short term intensity and priorities of our ‘Last Days on Earth’, there is one major challenge. We are living a long term life. It seems we cannot constantly perform at that peak level.

So we give up and become satisfied with throwing like a girl... (My apologies to all female athletes everywhere!!! I will rephrase.) …throwing like a girly girl. We see the only alternative as pacing ourselves at a much milder and sustainable intensity.

And we get rocked! Knocked out of the park! Even benched.

What lessons do we need to learn to move us from mediocrity to excellence? What keeps us in the game for the long term?

This Sunday we will examine how to live with Major League intensity and priorities not just for one game but rather year after year and decade after decade. Come and listen at 9:00am and 10:30am or download the podcast.