That Looks Good On You

posted Aug 23, 2013, 2:37 PM by David Sincock

There are moments when someone walks into your presence and they look good. And you know you can never wear the same thing. The haircut, their glasses, those pants are just perfect on them. We try them on in the store and we look like an awkward sixth grade version of ourselves. Sometimes what makes someone else look good just isn’t for us.

Yet other times when we see something modeled, we realize that it would really look good on us. That color or fabric or style is just perfect. We had never grasped how good it might be until we see it live.

Generally speaking most of us do not see helping others as being attractive. We see it as demeaning, demanding, humbling, and not at all beautiful. Maybe even unattractive. It can be dirty, sweaty, tiring. None of which we want to be.

So when opportunity to volunteer and serve is presented, we decide not to try it on.

But have you looked around at the most beautiful people. They are not the ones with the high cheek bones, latest fashions, and the perfect abs.

The most lovely people I know are helping. They look a little tired. They may have baby spit on them. Crazy teenager are hanging around them. But they look GOOD. They have a twinkle in their eye and satisfaction in their face. There is a smile on their lips and a purpose in their steps. What you see is joy and fulfillment.

Serving makes you beautiful. Don’t miss your opportunity to volunteer this next year. Visit our Ministry Fair with a plan to put on a ministry that will look good on you. Serving is an accessory that looks good on you.