Nursery Care

Helpful things to bring

When packing a diaper bag for your child, please include the following items:
  • Two or three disposable diapers. No cloth diapers, please.
  • Pacifier or other item, should your child need it for security
  • A complete change of clothes in case your child would require that
  • A bottle of milk, formula, juice, or water
Please have all items belonging to your child clearly labeled with your child’s first and last name. This helps us keep track of your child’s things.

Your child’s health

For the health and protection of your child and workers involved in this ministry, we have kindly asked that children with a runny nose, fresh cold, fever, rash, persistent cough, diarrhea, or any other signs of illness not be placed in our nursery. 

This will help reduce the risk of exposing other children to illness while in our care. 

Thanks for your understanding in this matter and for helping keep our nursery a healthy place for all.

When you arrive at the nursery

When you come into the nursery to sign in your child, a nursery volunteer will meet you to receive your child, diaper bag, and any other necessary items. 

Please note with the volunteer any information that will help in caring for your child (ie. feeding times, sleeping times, allergies, and/or special needs).

Saying good-bye

Once you have signed your child into the nursery, simply wave good-bye and make your way to our worship service. 

As you know, it is normal for little ones to cry when leaving a parent. 

This does not last long, and separation becomes easier over time. 

Our volunteers will immediately attempt to create interest in a toy or activity and give assurance that you will return after the worship service has concluded. 

If your child cannot become comfortable in a reasonable period of time, we will certainly send someone for you.

Checking on your child

Please feel free to check on your child during the worship service. 

We do ask, however, that if you do so, please do it discreetly so that your child does not see you.

Pick up procedures

Nursery workers will expect the same person that officially signed in the child to officially sign them out unless specific instructions were given at check-in. 

Please make sure that all of the items that came with your child leave with your child.