Grow Groups

Individually Selected Times and Home Locations

Grow groups are meetings held weekly or bi-weekly in homes throughout the Racine community.  

It is an opportunity to build closer friendships in a secure environment.  

Bible studies, which are interactive and very real-life focused, help us to be transformed into what Christ would have us be. 

This is not another lesson taught by a leader, but rather a true group effort to learn what God has to say to our lives.  

In these small groups, prayer can genuinely be about the needs we have in our lives, with the confidence that we are among friends who care and will share our burdens with us.
  • We experience Transformation.  Our spiritual
    character, quality, and the depth of our lives are transformed as we study th
    e Scriptures together.  In this setting, we are able to examine the implications of the text to our personal lives and ministry tasks.  
  • Ultimately, we create accountability Relationships for the scriptural applications discussed.
  • Finally, our Small Groups allow us to meet with God through Intercession. The believer’s faith and walk with God are strengthened through the recording of prayer requests and praising of God for the specific undeniable answers to prayer. The ongoing continuity of the group allows us to build trust with one another, thereby growing in candor as we seek to move God on behalf of our significant and genuine needs.

Call the church office at 262-633-3206 for a list of locations and times of current Grow Groups meeting in the Racine area.